Annexation to United States

Annexation to United States
   A fitful movement, never reaching serious proportions, and generally the result of temporary or local dissatisfaction with political conditions, or of commercial depression. Goldwin Smith was for many years its prophet.
   Index: Md Favoured by small wing of Reform party, 23; manifesto issued by business men of Montreal, its causes, 39, 40, 95; opposition to Confederation raises hopes of American party, 118; movement in Nova Scotia, 145; movement in British Columbia, 149; Goldwin Smith, the gloomy prophet of, 293; advocated by Edward Farrer, 312-313. Mc W. L. Mackenzie not in favour of, 10. BL Manifesto of 1849, 336; Sir John Abbott on, 336; advocated by many of the Radicals of Lower Canada, 343. C Advocated by Democratic party in Quebec, 26; said by Elgin to be popular among commercial classes in 1849, 44; countenanced by Sir John Abbott and L. H. Holton, 44-45; what it would mean for Quebec, 64. B Threatened by repeal of Corn Laws in 1846, 31, 32; the Montreal Manifesto, 36-37; sentiment for, charged against Clear Grits, 42; opposition charged with, in Confederation debate, 185; Brown holds that Reciprocity scheme designed to promote, 194; charge of, denied by Canada First party, 237. E Sentiment for, in 1847, 5; Elgin on, 58; Montreal Manifesto, 80-82; advocated by the Parti Rouge, 109; Elgin's efforts to counteract movement, 189-190; Durham on, 192-193; conditions favouring movement, 194-195; repeal of Reciprocity Treaty designed to promote, 202. P Threatened in Ninety-Two Resolutions, 92-93; advocated in 1848, and since Confederation, 96; advocated by Papineau, O'Callaghan, and their friends, 97.
   Bib.: Dent, Last Forty Years; Weir, Sixty Years in Canada; Kirby, Counter Manifesto to the Annexationists of Montreal; Denison, The Struggle for Imperial Unity.

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